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Out-of-Network Pharmacies

Only in limited circumstances are prescriptions covered at out-of-network pharmacies. These circumstances include:

  • Your prescription cannot be filled in a timely manner because a network pharmacy providing 24-hour-service or within a reasonable driving distance is not available.
  • Your prescription is not regularly stocked at a retail or mail-order network pharmacy.
  • You require a vaccine not covered by Medicare Part B.
  • While traveling within the United States and territories, you become ill or run out of your prescription.

For complete details, refer to the Evidence of Coverage.

Traveling and Your Prescription

Before you go on a trip, check your supply of any prescriptions you are taking. Determine if you do not have sufficient medication to last you through your trip. If this is not possible, contact your doctor and pharmacy to get an adequate supply. If necessary, contact Member Services to assist you with this process.

International Traveling

Coverage is not provided for prescriptions filled at pharmacies outside of the United States and territories, even for a medical emergency.